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From farmer to software engineer

Jeremy Fischer

I’m from a small farming community where I spent my summers working on our family fruit orchard. There's a joke that goes like this, “Do you know how to make a small fortune farming? Start out with a large fortune!” That’s because being a farmer is hard work and depending on the year it doesn’t always pay off. On a farm you are always trying to find the most efficient use of resources and figuring out how to fix broken equipment. I believe this is where my ingenuity and strong work ethic came from.

I spent my winters at the ski resort 30 minutes from my home working as a ski and snowboard instructor. People from across the globe come to Mt. Hood to work or to recreate, so I interacted with people having all different personalities, temperaments and cultural backgrounds.

I graduate from Oregon State University in December 2018 and I'm currently looking for full time software engineering opportunities.


Oregon State University


Computer Science


Expected Graduation
December 2018

Elective Coursework

  • Cloud Development
  • Translators
  • Intro To AI
  • Parallel Programming
  • Environmental Economics And Policy
  • Public Speaking
  • Soil Science

My Experience

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  • Oregon State University

    September 2015 - June 2016
    Corvallis, OR

    In my sophomore year of college I was a teaching assistant for the computer sciences introductory courses.

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  • Autodesk

    Summer 2016
    Portland, OR

    I worked in the Strategy and Research team where I created a simulation assistant with a teammate.

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  • Autodesk

    Summer 2017
    San Francisco, CA

    As a member of the Digital Manufacturing Group Cloud Services team, I worked on the Form Builder for Autodesk's Manufacturing Data Service

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  • Autodesk

    Summer 2018
    San Francisco, CA

    As a member of the Cloud Platform, Manufacturing and Factory Services team, I implemented a content recommendation engine for Autodesk's Community Service

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